Have you ever been really excited after finding a cool sustainable clothing brand, only to close the tab dejectedly after looking at the prices? Well, you’re not alone. Sustainability is hard sometimes. And expensive.

But is there a way to buy cheap sustainable clothing? Yes, there is! And we have put together a list of 18 brands that offer just that. This way, you can care about the environment, as well as your bank balance.

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Why Is Sustainable Fashion So Expensive?

We have been led to believe that fashion, by itself, is cheap. This is not true; the costs are just hidden. Other than costing the environment, fast fashion cuts costs and perpetuates poverty by paying the workers less than minimum wage. The fabrics they use are also cheap since they can be synthetically manufactured. But the downside is the depletion of fossil fuels. So, you may not pay in money, but the cost of fast fashion is very high.

Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, pays each of their workers more than the living wage and makes sure they are treated fairly. Many brands handcraft their products, and this takes many, many hours. When the workers are paid properly, this tends to become more expensive. Sustainable fashion also uses organic, recycled, and ethically sourced materials, which cost more than conventional fibers.

So when you buy sustainable clothes, you are contributing towards fair wages for workers and a lower carbon footprint. But this also doesn’t mean that all sustainable brands are expensive. Some of them are working very hard to provide affordable options, and we compiled 18 of them for you below! We also included a helpful pricing range, but please note that is just an example and is not indicative of the brand’s entire product range.


From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Hemp
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade
Price Range: Underwear - from $14 | Tops - from $20

Pact is the friend that you can always rely on to be there. Whether you need a dress to go out, leggings to work out, or some comfortable sleepwear, Pact has got you covered. And the best part is that you won’t have to break the bank to buy their clothes. Their clothes are made from the softest organic cotton and come in simple colors. They are the embodiment of the warm feeling you get while hanging out with a friend.


From: Australia
Fabrics: Bamboo
Certified: OEKO-TEX® 100, PETA Vegan, WRAP
Price Range: Underwear - from $12

What is the one thing we look for in everyday essentials? Comfort! Boody provides you just that, all at an affordable rate. They have everything, right from underwear to activewear, and even baby clothes. Their clothes are made from the softest bamboo fabric and are designed to make you feel cozy. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, so you won’t feel sweaty even in the hottest of summers. Boody uses a closed-loop system to reduce water usage. Their products come in plain colors and will have you looking fabulous. Once you wear their clothes, you’re never going to want to take them off.

Brava Fabrics

From: Spain
Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Recycled Wool, Ecovero Viscose, Recycled Polyester
Certified: GOTS, GRS
Price Range: Shirts - from $88 | Knitwear - from $82

If you are someone who likes fun prints in a variety of colors, Brava Fabrics is the brand for you. They are a brand truly committed to sustainability and use only ethical fabrics for their products, even their winter wear. A cool thing about Brava Fabrics is that even their buttons are sustainable! They use Corozo, which comes from the nuts of Tagua trees in South America to make their buttons. The nuts are collected when they fall to the ground by themselves, so there is no harm done to the environment. Their products are manufactured locally in Spain and Portugal. Their eye-catching designs will have you looking stylish and elegant. Each design is inspired by unique memories, and with their clothes, you can create your own!


From: US
Fabrics: Deadstock / Cut-waste fabrics
Price Range: Tops - from $50 | Dresses - from $60

Think sustainable clothes are always boring? Well, Tonlé is here to burst all your myths. Their clothes are bold. They are colorful. They are zero-waste. They use pre-consumer textile waste to make their clothes, and screen print their unique designs using natural, non-toxic dyes. They make sure that the fabrics they source are at least 90% natural and plant-based. In a bid to contribute to circular fashion, Tonlé has an “open closet” platform, where they sell pre-loved clothes. They are a truly inclusive brand, making gender-neutral clothes that are designed to fit bodies of all kinds. If you are someone who loves making bold statements with your clothes, Tonlé is the brand for you!


From: Canada
Fabrics: Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton, Hemp, TENCEL™
Certified: B Corp
Price Range: Activewear - from $45 | Sweaters - from $68

Not only does Tentree use a wide variety of sustainable materials, it also plants ten trees for every purchase you make. This way, you can shop and make a tangible difference from the comfort of your own home. All their products are ethically manufactured, and they have a Code of Conduct to make sure their workers are treated fairly. Their products are ultra-soft and come in many colors. Get one - plant ten!


From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS, OEKO-TEX®, Fair Trade
Price Range: Bras - from $48 | Underwear - from $14

Knickey believes that you should wear fabulous (and comfortable) underwear even if you are the only one who is going to see it. Their products come in warm tones and are so soft that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything. Knickey’s underwear is breathable and designed to hug your body like a dream without being stifling. With their products, you can say goodbye to your toxic relationship with underwear, and say hello to underwear that actually cares about you!


From: US
Fabrics: Recycled Materials, Organic Cotton, Hemp, TENCEL™
Certified: GOTS, GRS, Fair Trade
Price Range: Leggings - from $69 | T-shirts & Tops - from $29

In Sanskrit, Prana means a breath of life, and that is what this brand is doing. They are breathing life back into the Earth with their sustainable practices. They believe in using the right type of materials for the right clothes, so they use quite a few types of sustainable fabrics. Whether you want clothes to trek in, or cozy up at home on a chilly day, you’ll find something at PrAna. They use a circular manufacturing method and make sure no animals are harmed. This is a brand that is really doing clothing the right way.

Passion Lilie

From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton Jersey
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade
Price Range: Dresses - from $77 | Shirts - from $58

Handcrafted in small batches, Passion Lilie combines sustainability with traditional design and dyeing practices. They use handwoven ikat and block printing techniques to create designs that will never go out of style. Their workers and artisans are treated very well. They use organic dyes which are also GOTS certified and remain bright and colorful even after multiple washes. Their clothes are designed for fit and comfort and are reminiscent of breezy summer days that make you feel like everything is going to be okay. If you like light, airy clothes, then this is the brand for you!

Conscious Step

From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade, PETA Vegan
Price Range: Socks - from $12

Finding comfortable socks that come in cool prints is hard. Finding sustainable socks? Even harder. Luckily, Conscious Step provides the best of both worlds. Made from the softest organic cotton, their socks are designed to be cozy. The best part is that they come in fun and vibrant patterns and each of them supports different causes such as conserving rainforests or supporting mental health. So when you buy a pair, not only are you giving warm hugs to your feet, you’re also making a difference by supporting a cause. This is a sock that you can truly feel good about, in more ways than one.

Mata Traders

From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: Fair Trade
Price Range: Dresses - from $76

Mata Traders has the most amazing clothes in brilliant patterns. Their goal is to impact the lives of marginalized people in India and Nepal, and they are doing just that with their fair trade practices. Their designs are all inspired by the ancient art of block printing from India. They use traditional handmade techniques to preserve the heritage as well as celebrate the talents of artisans and weavers. With their practices, they have been empowering women and fighting poverty in marginalized communities. Not all of their clothes are made of sustainable fabrics, but we think they are worth including because of their social impact. Their colorful clothes will lift your mood instantly and make you look good!

Known Supply

From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton,
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade, B Corp
Price Range: T-shirts - from $32 | Dresses - from $50

Known Supply decided that it wasn’t just enough to shop sustainably. So they went the extra mile and decided to create a clothing brand where you get to know exactly who made your clothes. They believe this connection will encourage more people to switch to slow fashion. Each of their products is hand-signed by the makers. They make simple and comfortable clothes that you can use for years to come. A great brand that gives you the answers to #whomademyclothes.

Thought Clothing

From: UK
Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, TENCEL™, Recycled Polyester
Certified: GOTS, GRS, OEKO-TEX®, Fair Trade
Price Range: Dresses & Tunics - from $70 | Shirts & Leggings - from $32

True to their name, a lot of thought goes into making and designing the clothes at Thought Clothing. They use a wide variety of sustainable fabrics and sell everything from tunics to scarves to socks. Their products come in amazing prints and colors. They have a code of conduct to ensure their workers are treated fairly, and they also upcycle all of their leftover fabric to minimize waste. Even their glue is vegan! Their clothes are truly soft, sustainable, and stylish.

For Days

From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS, GRS, SMETA
Price Range: Basics - from $28

Sustainable, and with a closed-loop system, For Days believes in wasting nothing. They have a swap program just for this purpose, where you can send back your old clothes. In return? You get credits and the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that everything will be recycled into new clothes. Their clothes are simple and super soft: perfect for loungewear. They have a range of tye-dye products, where each piece is hand-dyed, meaning everything is one of a kind. They strive to reduce waste right from sourcing the fabrics to transportation and offer carbon-neutral shipping.


From: US
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade
Price Range: T-shirts - from $33

Chnge makes clothes for the radical activist in you. And what is more radical than choosing sustainability in a world dominated by fast fashion? Chnge uses renewable energy for its operations. All of their clothes are made from soft organic cotton and are perfect for casual wear. Apart from being carbon neutral, Chnge also strives to educate people about the various social issues that exist in the world. So if you want to make a statement with your clothes, this is the brand for you. Their clothes let you be the “Chnge” you want to see.

Honest Basics

From: Germany
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS, PETA Vegan
Price Range: Basics - from $15 | Bottoms - from $18

With the belief that sustainability should not come at a high cost, Honest Basics makes basics at a really, really affordable price. Seriously, you probably won’t find cheaper prices elsewhere. Their organic cotton products are soft and designed for comfortable everyday wear. This vegan brand believes in transparency, and traces all of its supply chain, making sure workers are treated well. They have great aspirations and are working to become as sustainable as possible in the near future.

Studio JUX

From: The Netherlands
Fabrics: Organic Cotton / Hemp / Linen, TENCEL™, Recycled Polyester
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade
Price Range: Baby Clothes - from $24 | Dresses & Jumpsuits - from $105

With their offices and factories run entirely on green electricity, Studio JUX sells a wide range of clothes as well as accessories for adults and kids. They believe in circularity and reuse all of their textile offcuts. All of their accessories use recycled materials. Even their buttons are made from recycled paper. They have a code of conduct, and their factories in Nepal seek to empower women. All their clothes come with a ‘handshake’ that you can use to read about #whomademyclothes. Their range of products is amazing. If you want to look chic at an affordable price, head on over to Studio JUX!


From: Sweden
Fabrics: Organic and Recycled Materials
Certified: PETA Vegan
Price Range: Dresses - from $59 | Shirts & Blouses - from $47

Designed for circularity, NU-IN makes biodegradable clothes from organic, recycled, and upcycled fabrics. They use renewable energy and reuse their textile offcuts. Even their hangtags and labels use recycled materials. They have clothes for all purposes, ranging from winter wear to activewear - all of them are super elegant and look luxurious! With these clothes, you’ll be making heads turn.

Warp + Weft

From: US
Fabrics: Cotton
Price Range: Jeans - from $88

Warp + Weft sells denim products for all ages and sizes. And they make their denim from scratch! Their jeans are designed to fit your curves perfectly, and they try to use eco-friendly dyes whenever possible. You can shop denim for your whole family at Warp + Weft, all at an affordable price!

We have come to the end of our journey through the land of affordable sustainable fashion brands. Thank you for staying with us so far, and here’s to hoping that, one day, sustainability and affordability go hand in hand.