Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

-Wassily Kandinsky

Fashion is one of the best forms of self-expression we have. Not only do our clothes express who we are, they also affect the way we see ourselves. The right clothes also have the power to lift up our mood and give us that extra jump in our step. And a colorful life deserves a colorful dress, don’t you think?

But when it comes to sustainable fashion, it may feel like they often fit into the stereotypical box of “boring” with only earthy, neutral tones available. We are here with a list of brands to burst all those myths. These ethical brands are vibrant and colorful and will add a little pizzazz to your life. Go forth, and conquer the world in clothes that are as radiant as you!

Selfless Clothes

From: Europe
Materials: Organic Cotton, TENCEL™, Recycled Fabrics
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, PETA Vegan

Get ready to dive into a world of exciting, colorful designs that will make your heart skip a beat. From captivating prints to bold hues, Selfless Clothes presents a kaleidoscope of options that are both eye-catching and environmentally responsible. We curate an extensive catalog of carefully selected sustainable and ethical brands that genuinely care for the environment and the well-being of those who make our clothes. With a mission to cut through greenwashing, we make it effortless for you to shop according to your own values. Each brand featured here is committed to sustainable practices, using eco-friendly certified materials, reducing waste, and supporting fair trade.

Tamga Designs

From: Canada
Materials: TENCEL™, ECOVERO™, Organic Cotton
Certified: OEKO-TEX dyes
Price Range: Dresses - From $55 | Bottoms - From $40

With vivid colors and amazing folklore-inspired designs, Tamga Designs makes clothes that you will never want to stop looking at. Despite being a brand that loves colors, they want to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible. This is why all of their dyes are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and contain zero harmful chemicals. To ensure that workers are treated fairly, Tamga also has a Supplier Code of Conduct. With their soft fabrics, popping colors, and eye-catching designs, you can live the folklore life you’ve always dreamed about!


From: USA
Materials: Organic Cotton
Price Range: Pajamas - From $45 | Dresses & Skirts - From $160

Introducing Printfresh, a vibrant and eco-conscious fashion brand that brings joy to your wardrobe! Their sleepwear and lifestyle collection is inspired by nature, featuring whimsical designs that will make you feel fabulous. But it's not just about looks—Printfresh is committed to sustainability. They use 100% organic cotton, hand screen printing and embroidery techniques, and work with ethical partners in India. The factory that manufactures their apparel undergoes regular Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) reviews, ensuring responsible manufacturing practices such as safe working conditions, fair wages, and voluntary work. They transport 50% of their inventory via cargo ship to minimize carbon emissions. Additionally, the brand avoids animal byproducts, fur, leather, and exotic materials, and follows a conscious buying strategy to reduce waste.


From: London, UK
Materials: Tencel, Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Reclaimed Fabrics
Price Range: T-shirts - From $35 | Dresses - From $230

Want to make statements against the injustices in the world? Birdsong lets you do just that with their clothes. Ethically made in London by women, their colorful clothes with bright patterns let you dress in protest. Check out their slogan tees! With a belief that garment workers are the backbone of the fashion industry, they employ talented women who face barriers to work and lift them out of their poverty by paying them a London Living Wage. They have a range of trendy knitwear made by a community of older women. Their pieces are made-to-order to ensure minimal wastage! Their aim is to tread lightly on the environment while making a positive impact on the lives of people.

Amour Vert

From: California, USA
Materials: Tencel™, Cupro, Washable Silk
Price Range: Dresses - From $118 | Tops - From $68

Locally manufactured in California in limited quantities, Amour Vert sells clothes that manage to be both fun as well as classy. Soft, colorful, and versatile, these are clothes that make heads turn. They partner directly with mills to develop their own signature fabrics made from eco-friendly fibers. This way, all their raw materials are fully traceable. Their clothes also reach your doorstep in fully compostable bags!


From: San Francisco, USA
Materials: Deadstock fabrics
Price Range: Dresses - From $60 | Bottoms - From $70

Serving bold looks in gender-neutral designs, this zero-waste brand does fashion differently. Tonle takes the remnants of fast fashion and converts them into clothes with innovative designs in eye-popping colors. This inclusive sustainable brand believes that “every thread matters”, so they use every scrap of fabric, leaving no waste behind. The scraps that are too small to be used are cut into strips and made into yarn. Tonle’s dyes are non-toxic, with 80% of them coming from edible ingredients such as soy milk and lemon. Their clothes are soft, cozy, and comfortable, and make you look as colorful as you feel on the inside!

Dazey L.A.

From: Los Angeles, USA
Materials: Organic Cotton, Deadstock
Price Range: T-shirts - From $54 | Jumpsuits - From $130

Dazey L.A. is not your conventional colorful clothing brand. It is a brand that breaks out of the mold and dares you to take risks with its bold clothes with quirky prints. All of their graphics are hand-drawn and hand-made in L.A, and there is a message hidden behind each design. They speak of resilience, bravery, and self-expression. Their clothes are made in small batches and each of their graphics is made-to-order to minimize waste. Soft, comfortable, and with their magnificent use of color, these art-inspired clothes will truly make you stand out from the crowd.


From: UK
Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Tencel, Modal
Certified: GOTS, GRS, OEKO-TEX, Fair Trade
Price Range: Dresses - From $60 | Shirts - From $80

With fibers that are kinder on your skin and patterns that are easy on your eyes, this brand has everything from nightwear to jackets. Their aim is to design thoughtful pieces that are simple yet stylish and fit right into your wardrobe. Each of their prints has a story behind them, and they produce clothes in limited quantities to encourage conscious consumerism. All their scrap fabrics are turned into headbands, and leftover yarns made into socks. They use sea freight for shipping to reduce their environmental impact. Thought also has a Code of Conduct that covers the four ILO principles. Truly a brand that puts a lot of thought into everything they do.

Passion Lilie

From: New Orleans, USA
Materials: Organic Cotton Jersey
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade
Price Range: Women’s Dresses - From $77 | Men’s Shirts - From $58

Combining the ancient techniques of handwoven ikat with block printing, Passion Lilie is here to brighten up your life with its colorful, happy prints. Born out of a love for design, all their prints are inspired by nature. Ethically handmade in small batches, this brand focuses on three things: preserving heritage, treating their workers fairly, and minimizing their environmental impact. They use GOTS-certified organic dyes that don’t stop adding color to your life even after multiple washes. Comfortable, light, and soft, these clothes are designed to be your comfort wear.

Lucy and Yak

From: UK
Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Seacell
Price Range: Jeans - From $60 | Dresses and Skirts - From $40

A fun and playful brand whose journey began with creating dungarees, Lucy and Yak makes clothes for the child still hidden somewhere inside you. After all, why should children have all the fun? This brand uses eco-friendly dyes that are OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified to create prints that demand attention. Their fabrics are super soft, and they use a fabric called seacell which is made from a combination of seaweed and wood pulp. It is 100% biodegradable and is made in a closed-loop process. They also have a directory of people who make their clothes. This brand reminds you to never stop having fun while being ecologically conscious.


From: UK
Materials: Organic Cotton, Salvaged Silk, Linen, Deadstock
Certified: Fair Trade
Price Range: Dresses - From $47 | Loungewear - From $29

Started in Malawi, Africa, Mayamiko’s clothes are unique, colorful, and made to give you joy. Each piece is made with love using traditional African techniques and locally sourced fabrics known as ‘Chitenje.’ Their clothes pay homage to artisans from around the globe and also provide employment to disadvantaged women and differently-abled people. Mayamiko’s limited collection is made in a solar-powered workshop. They have a range of botanically dyed fabrics that are dyed using food waste such as avocado stones and pomegranate skins. They also sell plant-dyed jewelry from Sri Lanka, hand-knit Peruvian hats, and upcycled silk from Italy. All of their leftover scraps are converted into something new such as headbands or doormats. Mayamiko proves that sustainability can have a positive impact on people’s lives without being boring.


From: Canada
Materials: Organic Cotton, Tencel, Linen, Wool, Deadstock
Price Range: Dresses - From $100 | Skirts - From $60

Designed and manufactured locally, Meemoza produces only two collections per year but makes sure that they are timeless. With simple and beautiful designs, their clothes are designed for practicality and comfort. Not only do these use deadstock fabrics, they also manage their waste by giving away their fabric remnants and trimmings to other makers. Whether you want to go out for dinner or for a fun day out, Meemoza has got you covered!


From: Portland, USA
Materials: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade
Price Range: Underwear - From $24 | Swimwear - From $50

Sustainable underwear and swimwear that is also cool and colorful? Yes, please! Manufactured locally in a minority woman-owned factory, Thunderpants makes undergarments that are designed to fit every body. Made from the softest organic cotton, these underpants hug your body without feeling stuffy - perfect for wearing them all day long! Their unique and bright prints are made using water-based inks. They believe in combining comfort with beauty. After all, doesn’t comfort start with our underwear? So why not wear colorful ones that instantly lift your mood?


Recycled plastic swimwear that will make sure you are the most colorful person at the beach.

The Social Outfit

From: Australia
Materials: Deadstock and donated fabrics
Certified: Certified Social Trader, Registered Charity
Price Range: Dresses - From $69 | Jackets - From $249

Not only is The Social Outfit a sustainable fashion brand that makes clothes with vibrant prints, it is also a social enterprise. The Social Outfit celebrates diversity and inclusivity and is concerned with providing employment to refugees and migrants. As a registered charity, this brand uses the income generated from product sales to make a difference both in the realm of sustainability and social inclusion. It also regularly reports to the Australian Charities Commission (ACNC). Apart from being ethically made in small batches, all their pieces are creative and tell unique stories. True to their name, The Social Outfit is a fashion label with a difference.

Christy Dawn

From: Los Angeles, USA
Materials: Deadstock, Organic Cotton, Recycled Materials
Price Range: Dresses - From $198 | Tops - From $68

Christy Dawn decided that being sustainable wasn’t enough. It was time to heal and repair the damage caused so far. Inspired by vintage clothing, they began a brand that honors Mother Earth. Handwoven with care and colored with natural and organic dyes, each of their pieces is unique and designed to last. Their pieces are reminiscent of summer days spent in fields of flowers. Not only are their practices sustainable, they are also regenerative. Their farm-to-closet initiative includes regenerative cotton farming techniques that replenish the soil. You can even meet your dressmakers on their website! With their clothes, happiness is going to radiate from your skin.

Zero Waste Daniel

From: New York, USA
Materials: Deadstock
Price Range: Dresses - $165 | T-shirts - From $115

Meet Zero Waste Daniel. And when we say zero waste, we mean it. This brand uses a closed-loop production system called ‘Reroll,’ where every scrap of fabric is kept until it is used. The best part is that this system ensures that the placement of fabrics is always different, so this means that no two pieces are ever alike! Handmade, featuring a lot of mosaic patterns, ZWD’s clothes are gender-neutral and are so different from anything you have ever seen. Each ZWD piece saves roughly one pound of fabric from landfills. Cool, right? So are Daniel’s clothes!


From: Sweden
Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Tencel Lyocell
Certified: GOTS, Fair Trade, PETA Vegan, GRS
Price Range: Men’s Shirts - From $89 | Women’s Dresses - From $109

With a mission that fashion can be done differently, this vegan brand sells ethical clothes in beautiful patterns. They have everything - from basics to swimwear - and even have a range of kids’ apparel. All their designs are digitally printed using eco-friendly water-based inks. They also have a Code of Conduct, and all their suppliers are audited thoroughly. This is a brand that is ‘dedicated’ to doing good!


From: Los Angeles, USA
Materials: Tencel™, Linen, Recycled and Deadstock Fabrics
Price Range: Dresses - From $148 | Bridal Dresses - From $198

With the belief that the only thing more sustainable than them is not buying any clothes, Reformation has everything you might ever need. Jeans, sweaters, bridal dresses - you name it, they have it! They have been climate neutral since 2015 and use renewable wind energy in their supply chain. Six of their retail stores in California are green business certified! All their dyes are either Bluesign or OEKO-TEX certified. They either reuse or donate their textile offcuts and also recycle/compost their organic waste. They also have a Code of Conduct, and employ a lot of people - especially women from underrepresented communities. A brand that is really reforming the ethical fashion industry!

We hope you enjoyed this stroll through the world of colorful fashion. May your clothes always be as bold and beautiful as you are.