We are firm believers that you should wear fabulous underwear even if you’re the only one who sees it. And, in our book, fabulous underwear is one that combines comfort and style with sustainability. After all, our undergarments are something that we wear every day, so why make compromises?

But, what are the best sustainable fabrics for underwear?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose. That’s why we put together this helpful list of sustainable men’s underwear brands to make for a hassle-free shopping experience for you.

Toad and Co.

From: Santa Barbara, USA
Fabrics: TENCEL™ Lyocell
Price Range: From $28

This one is for all the people who like their underwear colorful and bright. Who says only kids are allowed to wear cool prints? Made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, the miracle fabric, Toad and Co’s undergarments are so soft that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them! They are durable and low maintenance. The fabric’s moisture-wicking properties make it suitable for any weather. The stretch waistband offers maximum comfort, and the seams do not chafe. These undies come with a button in the front, too!

YOU Underwear

From: UK
Materials: Organic Cotton
Certifications: GOTS, PETA- Vegan, Fair Trade
Price Range: From $23

Soft organic underwear that is good for you and the planet! Available in both minimalist and funky designs, they are designed to provide maximum comfort throughout the day. Suitable for all activities, it has a soft waistband that doesn’t roll. These underwear are low-waist and stay snug. They have a seamed contour pouch and no-fly. These will quickly become your favorite pairs of underwear!


From: Colorado, USA
Materials: Organic Cotton
Certifications: GOTS, Fair Trade
Price Range: From $14

Pact is a staple in the sustainable clothing industry and is no different when it comes to men’s underwear. Affordable, soft, stretchy, and breathable, they are perfect for everyday use. They stay snug on you without stifling you. All of them come with a no-roll waistband that is smooth and flat. The boxer briefs come with extended leg coverage and the briefs come with full back coverage. Enjoy soft, tagless underwear made in a Fair Trade factory. Earth’s favorite clothing will become your favorite, too!


From: Australia
Materials: Bamboo Viscose
Certifications: OEKO-TEX 100, PETA- Vegan, FSC
Price Range: From $17

Boody believes that it is what’s underneath that matters the most. So, why not choose the best underwear? Made from bamboo viscose and available in plain, minimalist colors, these are some of the softest undergarments out there. You can choose between boxer shorts and briefs- but don’t worry, both of them allow for movement all day long! They are breathable, odor-resistant, and just the right amount of stretchy! The normal boxers have a double-layer pouch. All their undies come with a hand-sewn soft waistband.

WAMA Underwear

From: California, USA
Materials: Hemp, Organic Cotton
Certifications: OEKO-TEX 100, PETA- Vegan
Price Range: From $28

If you want underwear that gets softer with every wash, WAMA’s hemp underwear is the answer! Hemp is a natural fabric that has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties, making it the perfect fabric for your everyday undergarments. They are silky soft and super comfortable. These undies are durable, and most importantly, stay put. No more adjusting! Once you put them on, you can forget that they are there.

Organic Basics

From: Denmark
Materials: Organic Cotton, TENCEL™, Recycled Materials
Certifications: GOTS, PETA- Vegan
Price Range: From $40

This brand makes basics that are made to last, which means you can enjoy your favorite pair of underwear for a long time. Made from the softest eco-friendly materials, these undies offer a natural stretch and are simple and breathable. Their elastic waistbands are soft, so you won’t feel any discomfort! Need something for colder temperatures? They’ve got long johns, too! And yes, they are just as smooth and soft against your skin.


From: Germany
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certifications: GOTS
Price Range: From $28

Whether you need boxer briefs or boxer shorts or trunk shorts, Vatter has got you covered. The brand believes that cotton underwear doesn’t always have to be plain. With Vatter’s undergarments, you can look sexy and feel sexy, too. They have some of the softest waistbands ever. The trunk shorts have a double-stitched front panel, offering maximum comfort and softness. If you like your underwear a little bit looser, the boxer shorts are the perfect fit. They have a button in the front instead of a zipper. Everything also comes in colorful stripes!


From: California, USA
Materials: Organic Cotton
Certifications: GOTS
Price Range: From $20

Cottonique makes allergy-free organic cotton underwear so that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Highly absorbent and breathable, their products are bleach- and dye-free. You can wear them all day long without feeling an ounce of discomfort! The best thing about Cottonique is that they use absolutely no spandex! Their waistbands are made using cotton braided drawstring. Cool, right? Their boxers also have a loose-fit leg opening for easy movement. They offer maximum comfort, so you can even sleep in them.


From: UK
Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Materials
Price Range: From $24

Bluebuck makes underwear of all types and sizes, right from jockstraps to boxer briefs to long johns. All of them come in three varieties as well- classic (for general use), nautical (for when you want to head to the beach), and sport (for those who love being active). The waistband and the label are both made of cotton, so they won’t irritate your skin. Soft, eco-friendly underwear that is strong, but gentle. Their products are made using renewable energy for the lowest carbon footprint!

iLoveBad Organics

From: California, USA
Materials: Organic Cotton, Hemp
Certifications: GOTS certified Organic Cotton, Ecocert Organic Content Standard
Price Range: $27

iLoveBad Organics sells soft no-ride underwear made with nature and your comfort in mind. These breathable fabrics keep you dry and fresh throughout the day. Even the waistband feels soft on your skin! These undies are durable and are sewn with flatlock stitching machines. Flatlock stitching is a sewing technique that binds two fabrics together side by side. It creates seams that are flat on both sides and not bulky. This is a great brand to buy from if you enjoy basic colors such as black and white.

Saint Basics

From: The Netherlands
Materials: Organic Cotton, TENCEL™
Certifications: GOTS, PETA- Vegan, OEKO-TEX 100
Price Range: From $22

Saint Basics makes “clean” underwear that doesn’t harm the planet. Made using eco-friendly materials, their boxers, trunks, and briefs come in a variety of exciting colors such as olive green, blue moon, and forest diamonds. Add some comfort and color to your life with these undies! They come with antibacterial properties and a soft waistband. Even their dyes are non-toxic.


From: Canada
Materials: TENCEL™, Recycled Materials
Price Range: From $30

If you like funky colorful prints on your undies, BN3TH just might be the brand for you. Don’t worry, they have plain colors, too. Their undergarments are so soft that you will forget you’re wearing them! The breathable and lightweight fabric along with the luxury knitted waistband is designed to maximize comfort. Their MyPackage Pouch Technology™ offers three-dimensional lift and support, keeps your private parts free from chafing, and eliminates the need to adjust. You can use them for workouts or swimming, too! They will soon become your favorite pair of underwear.


From: UK
Materials: Organic Cotton, Bamboo
Certifications: GOTS, Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX 100
Price Range: From $18

Thought makes thoughtful underwear that is gentle on your skin and the planet. The super-soft fabric stretches to mold around your body without feeling stuffy. The fabrics also make them odor resistant and durable. The soft waistband is just the cherry on top. Whether you like boxers or a pinstripe design, Thought has got them all. Available in many colors, they are perfect for everyday wear.


From: The Netherlands
Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Materials
Certifications: GOTS, PETA- Vegan
Price Range: From $22

Whether you like a classic plain design or cute patterns, A-dam has got you covered! Their range of prints is truly amazing. (Dinosaur fan, anyone?) Apart from that, if you like surprises and are not choosy, you can also opt for the surprise 3 pack or 6 pack. All of their undies have 7 panels to grant you a perfect fit. They’ll hug you like a second skin. The soft but strong waistbands are durable enough to last for a million washes! They also have boxer shorts that come with buttons in the front. Move freely and comfortably all day long with these undies.

We hope you enjoyed this list. Remember, change starts with you(r underwear), and it doesn’t take much to be sustainable. Breathe easily with these undies and let the planet breathe, too.