Buy less, choose well.

-Vivienne Westwood

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to sustainable fashion. Sounds like a paradox, right? Well, it’s really not. You might have heard the words “minimalist fashion” and “capsule wardrobe” being thrown around. Minimalist fashion is a perfect example of “less is more.” But what exactly does it mean? Let’s take a look!

What is Minimalist Fashion?

As the antithesis of fast consumerism, minimalist fashion is all about maintaining a smaller closet with a few timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to expand our styling options. It encourages us to consciously shop only for the pieces we need the most and can reuse time and time again. It embodies the concept of “quality over quantity,” and rejects everything that fast fashion stands for. After all, what can be sexier than looking good and saving the planet in the process?

Less is more minimalism activist slogan

Why is Minimalist Fashion Sustainable?

Minimalist approach to fashion is better for the environment because it reduces manufacturing and leads to less waste. In the world of fast fashion where new designs arrive with each season (which, let’s face it, is pretty much every week), encouraging consumers to buy more and more to keep up with the trends, minimalist fashion does the exact opposite. It encourages consumers to make a conscious choice to buy less; to sit back and think for a moment before adding something new to the wardrobe. Not only does this reduce the impact of fashion on the environment, but it also leads to a reduction in manufacturing when more people start buying less.

Want to take part? Here’s how you can do it...

How To Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to minimalist fashion. There isn’t a set number of clothes that a minimalist wardrobe needs and neither does it mean that you only have to fill your closets with neutral colors. A minimalist wardrobe is all about choosing a few versatile clothes in such a way that they can be mixed and matched with each other in a variety of ways to expand your styling options.

We curated a minimalist wardrobe containing both casual and formal garments (one for men, and one for women) to help you get started on your journey.

Women’s Minimalist Wardrobe


Minimalism Wardrobe Women Bottoms


Minimalism Wardrobe Women Tops


Minimalism Wardrobe Women Dresses


Minimalism Wardrobe Women Coat

Styling Options

Minimalism Wardrobe Women Styling Options

This wardrobe is meant for the average working woman, and has both casual and formal styles! We built it from the ground up, which is to say that we started with the bottoms because they are the staple of any wardrobe: 1 formal, 2 casual, and 1 in-between. Then we carefully selected the tops - blouses, sweaters, and a basic t-shirt - in styles and colors that match well with the bottoms. Then came the dresses. We picked 2 dresses, and both of them are designed to be versatile, which means you can use them in many different pairs. For example, the Chrysalis Cardi can be worn as a cardigan, or a wrap-around dress. Finally, we chose a coat for those winter days when you feel the extra bite of the chill. If you need a more flowy coat, worry not! The blazer dress can also be worn as a - you guessed it! - blazer.

When choosing the colors for your wardrobe, you need to pick colors that are harmonious and complementary. The general rule is that colors opposite to each other on the color wheel work well together by bringing contrast to your outfit. For example, dark blue and gray. You can even go for monochrome looks or pair different shades of the same color if that is your thing. Neutral colors such as brown, charcoal, khaki, navy, etc. almost always go well with each other. So decide your color palette before you begin building your wardrobe. For this wardrobe, we went with a more neutral color palette with a dash of brightness thrown in: black, grey, and stone wash bottoms with grey, yellow, black, and white tops.

When it comes to fit, you can go for a classic look, or be bold and creative. If you want to be rather “normal” looking, the top and bottom should have a similar fit or nicely complement each other. However, breaking the rules will often make you stand out from the crowd and who knows... maybe you accidentally set a new trend. Just keep in mind that a capsule wardrobe featuring radically different styles can make it tricky to come up with many pairing options unless you know what you are doing.

The styling options given above are to give you an idea of the many different ways in which garments can be paired if you take a holistic approach to filling your wardrobe. Don’t be shy to experiment and have some fun with your own combinations!

Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe

Now that we have laid out the basic idea, it is time to get you started with some sustainable brands that design for the minimalist lifestyle. Some of them have capsule wardrobes, and some of them have essentials and multi-functional clothes, but all of them would be right at home in your minimalist wardrobe.

Minimalist Clothing Brands

Ministry of Supply

From: USA
Product Range: Apparel for Men and Women
Price Range: Tops - From $48 | Shirts - From $104

Clothes that you can wear to work and also lounge around in? Yes, please! Ministry of Supply specializes in ‘workleisure’ and makes clothes that combine comfort, functionality, and durability. This brand uses science to make sure that your clothes can be worn all year round in many different ways. All their products are designed to alternate between work and play, so no more buying separate clothes for separate occasions! Not only are their products odor-controlling, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating, they also resist wrinkles, so you can wear them all day long. Pair the Apollo Shirt with the Swift Drape Pant for a classic look, or simply wear the shirt as an overcoat for a stylish look.


From: Canada
Product Range: Women’s Apparel
Price Range: Tops - From $46

Want sweatpants that also double up as workwear? Encircled boasts the “classiest sweatpants you will ever wear.” Manufactured in small batches in a factory near their studio, their pieces are ‘forever pieces,’ to be enjoyed for years to come. Their designs are versatile and multi-wear, so you get to have multiple options in one piece of clothing. For example, the Chrysalis Cardi can be styled in 8 different ways, right from a dress to a cardigan to a scarf! This is a brand that has really taken minimalism to heart.


From: Sweden
Product Range: Apparel for Men and Women
Price Range: Jackets and Coats - From $150 | Shirts - $150

Timeless, classy, everlasting, Asket is a brand that is in the pursuit of less. With the motto of “buy less, but better,” Asket sells clothes that will fit right into your minimalist wardrobe. Designed for all occasions, their clothes come in colors that never go out of style, and will have you looking chic and elegant. Pair The Flannel Shirt with The Chino for a casual yet classy look. They also have a Garment Revival program where you can send back your old Asket clothes when you fall out of love with them (although we are sure that will never happen). All the old garments are given a new lease on life through recycling or remanufacturing. In return, you earn credits, which you can use to buy new clothes!

Mate The Label

From: Los Angeles, USA
Product Range: Essentials for Women and Kids
Price Range: Sweatshirts and Sweatpants - From $98 | T-shirts - From $46

Essentials are.. well, an essential in everybody’s life, and we are sure you must have at least some of them in your closets. But what if you could have essentials that could also be paired with other clothes and worn outside? Sounds cool, right? Mate the Label is a conscious brand that makes essentials in neutral - but amazing - colors. Whether you want to watch TV at home or step outside, these clothes get the job done. Pair the Organic Classic Tee with the Fleece Relaxed Pocket Sweatpant. You can even switch out the sweatpant with jeans and add an overcoat for a relaxed going-out look. Because, sometimes, you just don’t want to change out of your sweatshirts.


From: Spain
Product Range: Apparel for Men, Women, and Kids
Price Range: Women’s Shirts - From $74 | Men’s Bottoms - From $93

With the belief that good design is neither new nor old, Ecoalf wants to break the pattern of seasonal designs, and instead, seeks to create something timeless that can be worn through seasons and generations. Most of their clothes are made out of recycled materials, so when you wear Ecoalf, you are wearing a piece of the past. Their versatile clothes are easily pairable and will fit right into your minimalist wardrobe. Their everlasting colors make it easy to mix and match between different clothes. The Arce Pants are made to be worn for every occasion and can be paired with a Shirt, T-shirt, or a Sweater. This is a brand that is making minimalism look sexy.


From: UK
Product Range: Women’s Apparel
Price Range: Reversible Dress - $207 | Wrap Jumpsuit - $211

Why buy multiple clothes when you can buy one and style it in multiple ways? With their versatile collection, Cossac is serving minimalism with a dash of sassiness and style. Ethically made in a small family-run factory in Portugal, Cossac keeps its production runs limited so as to reduce waste. Their palette of colors is apt for all seasons, and their clothes have a soft, feminine feel that is perfect for both loungewear and smartwear. Their Reversible Dress is a bestseller that can be styled in a myriad of ways. The best part? It has pockets!


From: Canada
Product Range: Apparel for Men and Women
Price Range: Women’s Bottoms - From $40 | Men’s Sweatshirts - From $69

Multi-functional clothes that are also comfortable? Sign us up! Kotn is on a mission to change how things are made by making products that last a lifetime. Made out of - you guessed it - Cotton, this brand supports small family farms in Egypt. Not only are their clothes affordable, but they are also soft, simple, and stylish, and come in amazing colors such as gunmetal, coriander, and dark olive. Check out the Women’s Wide Leg Belted Trouser that can be used to dress up or dress down. Kotn also has Sweatsuit Sets where you can mix and match a cotton fleece top with a bottom, and save money in the process! The website also gives you styling options when you choose a product. These are clothes that you will feel right at home in.

The Standard Stitch

From: Los Angeles, USA
Product Range: Loungewear for Women
Price Range: Tank Tops - $52 | Joggers - $90

The Standard Stitch believes in shaking things up in the fashion industry, which is why they take every step to make sure that their clothes are sustainable and size-inclusive! They use eco-friendly materials and non-toxic dyes and even make new fabric out of cotton scraps. Whether you want to relax at home, or pop into the store for a quick grocery run, their pastel essentials have got you covered. You can also pair their clothes with your favorite jeans or shirts for a casual office look. Pair your jeans with the Boxy Crew t-shirt (tucked in). Add a blazer, and voila! You are office-ready!

Leze the Label

From: Canada
Product Range: Women’s Apparel
Price Range: Tops and Sweaters - $108 | Pants - From $108

Admit it. We have all wished we could wear our pajamas to work. Leze the Label sells workwear that feels like pajamas because they believe that you should be comfortable no matter what you are doing. Available in pastel colors, their clothes will have you looking like you came straight out of the runway. Pair the Athena Sweater with the Kendal Pant or the Isla Midi Skirt for a classic look. You can even mix up the colors if you are feeling adventurous! As if their clothes weren’t great enough, this brand is committed to sustainability. They take used coffee grounds, infuse them into yarn, and turn them into fabrics. With their silky soft clothes, you can take the comfort of home (and your love for coffee) with you no matter where you go.


From: Germany
Product Range: Apparel for Men and Women
Price Range: Denim - From $113 | Blouses - From $68

A wardrobe is never complete without at least one pair of denim. Whether you like a skinny fit, or mom jeans, at Armedangels, you can buy that and more! This brand believes in circularity and the power of turning trash into fashion and even uses renewable energy in its direct operations. Their collection of garments is versatile and can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways. Pair this Chino with this Shirt for an elegant look. You can even wear the shirt as an overcoat with a T-shirt underneath for a more casual look.


From: San Francisco, USA
Product Range: Gender Neutral Apparel
Price Range: Pants - From $65 | Tops - From $50

What could be better than minimalistic gender-neutral apparel? Colorful minimalistic gender-neutral apparel! Tonlé proves that minimalism doesn’t just have to be neutral colors and plain designs; it can be bold and colorful, too! Made entirely out of deadstock fabrics, this size-inclusive, zero-waste brand believes that clothes have no gender. They have a capsule collection full of minimalist wardrobe suggestions. Pair this Cropped Sweatshirt with these Cropped Culottes for an effortlessly fashionable look! Tonlé has a take-back program called “Open Closet” where you can send them your old garments, which will be fixed and resold. A truly sustainable brand all around.

Amour Vert

From: San Francisco, USA
Product Range: Women’s Apparel
Price Range: Tops - From $68 | Pants - From $78

Amour Vert is a sustainable brand that believes in partnering directly with mills to develop their own signature fabrics rather than purchasing pre-made fabric. Their unique but simple styles give you a fashion edge as well as make it easy to mix and match. Pair this Joni Luxe Fleece Top with the Eugenia Luxe Fleece Pant for a comfortable yet stylish look. This brand also has a resale marketplace called ReAmour where you can buy and sell pre-loved Amour Vert items. This way, the clothes are saved from ending up in the landfill and get to enjoy a new home!

Manufacture de Lin

From: Ukraine
Product Range: Apparel for Men and Women
Price Range: Shirts and Blouses - $76 | Tunics - From $64

Made entirely out of linen, this brand’s garments are handmade by locals in Ukraine. All their fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, and the clothes are simple and available in colors pleasing to the eye. Their clothes are also size-inclusive. If you are someone who likes simple looks, then these clothes are for you! They are soft, and can easily be paired with other garments. Pair this Cami Top with your favorite chinos or jeans. Add a blazer for a relaxed yet stylish office fit. If you are going for a more laid-back look, combine the top with these Linen Pants.