Our babies are the light of our lives. They bring us joy, and we spend the rest of our lives trying to do the same for them and making sure they are safe and comfortable. We believe that comfort starts with the clothes we wear, which is why it is important to select clothes that won’t harm your baby’s delicate skin. And if you can do your bit for the economy and the environment by buying local? Well, that’s a win-win!

Not only is organic clothing safer for the environment, but it is also better for your baby’s skin because they are manufactured using no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. A baby’s skin is very porous and can absorb chemicals much more easily than the skin of adults. So when you buy organic, you are making sure that only the safest fabrics touch your baby’s skin. Organic clothes - especially organic cotton - are super soft and breathable, so your baby will feel like they are wearing clouds instead of clothes.

We also went the extra mile for you and put together this amazing list of organic baby clothing brands that are committed to making your little one as safe as possible in a very sustainable way. All of them are manufactured locally in the USA. Buying local is more sustainable because it means the clothes don’t have to travel across oceans to reach you, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. They are made right in your backyard.. so to speak. By buying local, you are also supporting your community and the US economy. Your babies will thank you in the future. So let's dive in without further ado.

Psst.. we saved the best for last! Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one.

Winter Water Factory

Made In: Brooklyn, New York
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS

Made with 100% organic cotton, Winter Water Factory has a wide range of products for your tiny ones: from baby gowns to baby leggings, to rompers to snapsuits. They even sell products such as bibs and blankets. The best part is that all their products have cute patterns in bright colors that your baby is definitely going to love. The clothes feature lap necks and have multiple snaps which makes changing your baby easier. These soft clothes will make your little ones feel like they are wearing a hug. With their amazing range of patterns, your infants can dream of clouds and airplanes while sleeping snugly.

Lucy and Leo

Made In: New York
Fabrics: Organic Cotton

This brand began with one person making baby clothes out of leftover scraps of fabric that would otherwise have gone to landfills. All their clothes are dyed using low-impact, environmentally friendly dyes. They have a range of clothes in soft colors made out of soft organic cotton fabrics that will make your young ones feel super comfortable. The dresses they have will really make your baby look like a doll.

Two Crows For Joy

Made In: Philadelphia
Fabrics: Organic Cotton

Manufactured in a small mother-daughter run factory, Two Crows For Joy have their very own brand, Adooka Organics which offers a wide range of baby clothes made using organic cotton. Apart from this, they also partner with other eco-friendly brands that are made in the USA. Their designs are hand-screen printed and dyed using water-based inks. Many of their clothes have cute ruffles and even tiny pockets!


Made In: San Francisco
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS

Crafted by hand, AXL uses 100% GOTS-certified soft organic cotton. Their clothes are screen-printed using water-based dyes and have V-necks to provide maximum comfort. Their products feature multiple snaps for easy changing, and all of them are nickel-free. They don’t attach tags to the necks of the clothes so as not to chafe your baby’s sensitive skin, and all their footie pajamas even have extra legroom for your little ones! It seems they are really committed to making your babies feel as comfortable as possible in an eco-friendly way.

Brian The Pekingese

Made In: California
Fabrics: Organic Cotton

Brian the Pekingese sells 100% organic cotton onesies and pajama pants. They come in cute patterns, and the fabric is pre-washed. This ensures the clothes are super soft for your baby to wear, and also minimizes the risk of shrinkage. Their onesies have neck openings that expand so that you can take it off by pulling it down instead of up. They use no flame retardant chemicals, and also don’t attach tags to the back of the neck, so your baby’s skin is safe from any irritation. The knitted rib fabric is breathable and is perfect for your baby to nap or play.


Made In: North and South Carolina, Southern California
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS

Made with organic cotton locally sourced from Texas, Castleware makes garments from knitted rib fabric to allow room for movement for your babies. Apart from footies, rompers, and pajamas, they also sell wearable blankets and sleeper bags. These provide a good alternative to blankets, and your baby cannot kick off in its sleep. Their wearable blankets have a one-way reversed zip, so there is no chance of your little one accidentally unzipping it at night. The zip opens from the bottom, which makes it easy to change your baby without removing the entire blanket. With this, your baby can sleep snugly at night!

They have another version of this with foot holes for babies who have just started walking. The ankle cuffs are fold-back, meaning you can close the foot hole at night to keep your baby’s feet warm. They also don’t use any fabric softeners in their products. Instead, they pre-shrink it with warm water. They dye their fabrics with low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes. Great products for any season!

Simply Chickie

Made In: Newport, Rhode Island
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS

This clothing brand makes the softest gender-neutral baby clothes in off-white colors. They are really committed to sustainability and use 100% certified organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. The clothes all have a quick-changing three-snap closure that makes changing your baby really easy. They are lead and phthalate-free and don’t use any flame retardant chemicals. The fit is snug and comfortable. These soft clothes will feel great on your baby’s skin, and each of their products has witty one-liners. Your baby may not understand them yet, but they’ll certainly make you chuckle.

Go Gently Nation

Made In: Los Angeles
Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Hemp Certified: GOTS

Go Gently Nation makes simple organic clothing in soft neutral colors. They offer a good range of products including cardigans, skirts, shorts, shirts, and even jumpsuits for babies. Whether you need loungewear for your babies, or clothes for taking your little one outside, you can find something here. They use certified water-based inks and low-impact dyes. Even the hang tags they use are made from recycled paper. Their clothes will have your baby looking chic.

Mini and Meep

Made In: Asheville, North Carolina
Fabrics: Organic Cotton

This brand is a mom-owned, family-operated business that makes clothes in off-white colors from organic cotton grown and sewn in the USA. Their clothes are gender-neutral, unbleached, soft, and contain cute artwork. The art is hand-painted using water-based inks. Even their packaging is made from recycled materials, and can further be recycled. With their clothes, you can make the Earth, your baby, and yourself happy!

Yinibini Baby

Made In: Washington, D.C
Fabrics: Organic Cotton

Yinibini Baby is an organic clothing shop whose products are entirely handmade! Their clothes feature original artwork which is screen or block-printed used water-based fabric paint. They are then set to permanence using heat, so you won’t have to worry about them running in the wash. All their clothes have lap collars to make removal easier by pulling them down. They also provide room for your baby and don’t make them feel stifled. This is truly a product handcrafted with love.

Soul Flower

Made In: California
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS

Cut and sewn in California and designed and screen printed in Minnesota, Soul Flower makes organic boho hippie clothes. They use low-impact dyes, and all their clothes have cute original artwork inspired by nature. They are screen printed by hand and spread positivity. Their knit fabric is soft, and their clothes have a three-snap front closure design which allows you to change your baby easily. They have a green office and even use carbon-neutral shipping. You can truly honor the Earth with these nature-inspired clothes.

All The Babies

Made In: Los Angeles, California
Fabrics: Organic Cotton
Certified: GOTS

All The Babies is a female-founded business that makes simple clothing in neutral colors using 100% organic cotton. Their simple clothes reflect a simple life where you live sustainably and in harmony with nature. Their clothes are designed to be durable and dyed using low-impact dyes, so your baby’s sensitive skin won’t be harmed. They use 100% recycled packaging. The neutral colors they use feel pleasant to look at. They even have a doubles collection where the clothes can be worn inside out as well.

Tenth & Pine

Made In: California
Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Viscose Bamboo
Certified: GOTS

Ethically made using plant-based organic fibers, Tenth & Pine makes clothes that are as soft as feathers. Their clothes come in pastel colors that look as soft as they feel. The waistbands on their bottoms are all elastic-free while also offering the perfect amount of stretch. The bamboo viscose fabric they use is buttery soft and thermo-regulating, so you won’t have to buy separate clothes for different seasons. It also has moisture-wicking properties, so the clothes won’t make your baby fussy even during summers. The artwork on their clothes is printed using silkscreens and non-toxic water-based inks that are made to withstand multiple washes. Their onesies have lap necks and three nickel-free snap closures for easy changing. They offer carbon-neutral shipping, and all their packaging is 100% recyclable.

Beya Made

Made In: Atlanta, Georgia
Fabrics: Linen

Beya Made is a truly sustainable baby clothing brand because their clothes are made to grow along with your baby! Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Well, it is just a really good design. And maybe a little bit of magic. Their clothes can expand up to 3x their usual size, so you don’t have to keep buying new clothes as your baby grows. Their clothes are made to last, so you could even pass them on to your baby’s siblings and turn it into a family heirloom. One other amazing thing about this brand is that they use deadstock: i.e. they source their fabrics from other manufacturers who have milled more than they require, or are about to throw away rolls of fabric due to slight imperfections. Instead of letting that textile go to waste, Beya Made turns it into cute baby clothes that your babies can enjoy for years to come. They use linen that is naturally sustainable, soft, and can endure wear and tear. Your little ones can wear these gender-neutral clothes all year round.

We hope you enjoyed this trip to the land of baby clothes where whimsical designs and soft fabrics run free. Wrap your infants in these soft clothes, and watch their smiles blossom!

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